tirsdag den 24. juni 2008

Map of the Vikings

The Vikings discovered America. They just didn't tell enough about it. Maybe this is partly due to their raging and pillaging in the rest of Europe. While being robbed and killed people do not tend to pay to much attention to information regarding islands far far away.

Zeno Map

This map of the northern part of Europe was published in 1558 but supposedly made already in the late 14. century. It depicts the northern and western countries of Europe. It is pretty accurate, especially recarding the longitude. This gives some concerns regarding it's autencity. Futher more... America is discovered, and that would make the Zeno brothers (who made tha map) the true discoverers of America. Well, if we disregard the viking Leif the Lucky and his crew...

tirsdag den 27. maj 2008

How many Starbucks in how many countries?

It's a US thing...

But the magic coffee bean shop is expanding!

mandag den 26. maj 2008

Who is your true neighbour?

Enlarge this to see an amazing map! Here you can see what people you are the closest to. Or the further away from!

Migration of Man

This is truly amazing. The fact that Adam & Eve were born on the border of Kenya and Ethiopia and from there migrated throughout the world really astonishes me. Especially passing the Bering strait in order to migrate to the Americas. What really really really leaves me questioned is. What drove them ? Why did they migrate? Why wander through really difficult lands? Is this one of the defining factors of the human race? Our curiosity, our need to explore new territory (not just land)?


onsdag den 21. maj 2008

But who produces the coffee?

Do the producing countries match the consuming (Starbuck) countries?
I guess Starbuck is more expansive than the coffee bean itself!

Coffee is a global thing!

In case you didn't know!

The map shows what countries Starbucks are in. But it doesn't show the amount of shops in the countries. Such a map would be interesting, and I will supply it shortly!

Nevertheless interesting map:-)

onsdag den 14. maj 2008

The population of the world in year 1!

Countries sized according to world population in year 1 a.d.

Back then the total population is estimated to have been around 230 million people. And more than 2/3 of them lived on the Asian continent.

Kind of amazing!

tirsdag den 13. maj 2008

The world

Waaaay before globalization was an issue for the commen people.

mandag den 12. maj 2008

The world according to Bush II

The world has changed during the past 20 years! ... From Reagan to Bush II.

Has the picture become more blurry or what is happening?

lørdag den 10. maj 2008

The world according to Reagan

The world according to good ol' Reagan...

I saw this map some ten years ago. It's still great fun :-)

fredag den 9. maj 2008


1. Countries sized by population

2. Countries sized by HIV-rate

3. Countries sized by access to physicians...


torsdag den 8. maj 2008


The average happiness in Africa is higher than that of Russia... maybe!?

onsdag den 7. maj 2008

Burma - Before and After

It's a sad sad story...

If countries were sized according to the size of their population

Look who's talking now!

...and in not too many decades some imagine.

tirsdag den 6. maj 2008

If countries were were sized according to their GDP

Again, a map interesting the economically sensed map interested reader :)

But Antarctica is definetely wrongly sized ;)

Besides GDP is in market prices, i.e. production is valued according to exchange rates. A map showing size according to GDP in puchasing power terms would be at least as interesting... it'll come soon!

US states renamed for countries with similar GDP

For the economically & map interested reader.

The states are renamed after countries that have a similar GDP level. So it shows how what country the individual states total economy compares to. Interesting perhaps.

Soon I'll find a map showing how the individual states GPD per capita compares to other countries. The picture would be completely different from the above!

The New World

... in 1562

The New World

...when it was known as Vinland!